LIVE Marketing Training for Private Practice Owners.

Learn proven strategies to marketing your practice to create CONSISTENT results and have a STEADY FLOW of leads and clients, without spinning your wheels or wasting time. 

Join me for this FREE Bootcamp and you'll be ready to rock your marketing and use your "Ready-to-Go" Client Attracting Lead Magnet to build a THRIVING PRACTICE!


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Here’s what you’ll learn in the Bootcamp...

Session 1: NOV 29


Identify the #1 thing holding you back from getting leads and clients and what to do to instead that helps build that steady flow of new leads and prospects. 

Session 2: DEC 1


The top strategies to develop your Client Attracting Lead Magnet.

Then you'll create your own Lead Magnet with the 7 elements that get more signups and convert those leads to clients!

Session 3: DEC 5


How to create your Lead Magnet Fast & Easy with our Canva Templates (included with registration). Watch and learn as I show you how to use the Canva Templates (included for you) so you can easily create your own branded, professional and EFFECTIVE Lead Magnet.

Session 4: DEC 9


Learn from Live reviews of two Lead Magnets created by participants and know your next steps to have your lead generation funnel working day and night ... seamlessly, building your list of qualified, prospective clients! 



FREE Registration Includes: 

  • Access to the Facebook Group only for the 1 hour training sessions. 
  • An opportunity to submit the Lead Magnet you Create in the Bootcamp for one of two (2) Live Lead Magnet Reviews in Session 4. 
  • Two Canva Templates to customize for your Lead Magnet - checklist or short guide.
  • 3 weeks access to the recordings and training material. (expires Dec 16th, 2022)  

VIP Registration Includes:

  • Access to Kathy's private Zoom room for the 1 hour training sessions at 12pm ET. 
  • LIVE 30-minute Group Q & A Session with Kathy for VIP Ticket Holders only - at 1pm ET right after each main training.
  • A personalized video review of your Lead Magnet.  
  • Two Canva Templates to use for Lead Magnet - checklist or short guide.
  • BONUS Canva Template to use for your BIO or About Page in your Lead Magnet. 
  • One year of Access to the recordings and training material. 

This Bootcamp will give you the Momentum you need to Kickstart your Lead Generation and Get MORE Clients! 


PLUS... we have lots of FREE resources, templates and even prizes you can win with our Homework Challenges

Get your #1 Lead Generation Tool up and running ... and in just 2 weeks!


Explode the growth of leads and clients in your practice, by having a lead magnet that people want, and knowing what you need to get it working - and fast!  No wasting time allowed here! 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Inside Scoop on the Bootcamp from Kathy C... 


You are going to walk away from this training, understanding the pillars of marketing your practice or business and know why some things are needed to be in place to make your marketing work.

Then we will focus on list building and generating leads by creating an irresistible lead magnet - and yes, I mean start to finish - using our Lead Magnet Formula and Canva Templates you can customize!

Then you can see what some of the finished products look like in the Live Strategic Reviews of Lead Magnets with the review of the Lead Magnets created by two lucky participants. (NOTE: If you have a VIP Ticket, ALL VIPs get a video Review of their Lead Magnets to save and download.)

You will gain insight that can help you optimize your own lead magnet and know exactly how to make new ones in the future.

PLUS, I will share some of your next steps to having a lead generation funnel up and running bringing your more leads!

You'll also get ideas for getting more leads to grow your business!  Your Lead Magnet is a critcal element to having a steady flow of clients without spending hours a day on your marketing. 

I hope you'll join me!

~ Kathy C

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