Pepper It Marketing Training Academy

Learn systems to simplify and streamline your marketing so that it is effective, takes less time and attracts more clients so you can build a THRIVING PRACTICE and still have time to LIVE your LIFE!

Thrive Marketing Academy

This is the only program you'll ever need to learn how to build a Thriving Practice with a simple marketing plan that actually gets you clients so you can spend your time doing more of what you love.

Implement your marketing with CONFIDENCE and in a way that has an IMPACT on your business and not on your time!

The Thrive Marketing Academy is a one year training program with PRIVATE & GROUP coaching and is ideal for Private Practice & Business Owners who are growing the business, but still do their own marketing and need to understand how it all works. 

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Pricing Calculator: Package Your Services For More Profit

Our Interactive Pricing Calculator PROMPTS YOU with all the elements that will affect how much you will earn from your services, packages, programs and even courses and workshops! 

This Pricing Calculator is so easy to use: Just fill in your numbers and let the formulas show you the optimal pricing so that you make a profit while still serving and helping your clients!

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How can Kathy Colaiacovo help you and your Business?

As an Online Marketing Strategist and Consultant for Private Practice Owners, Kathy has helped more than 500 clients and over 1200 members in her programs build a thriving business with marketing plans that get results. Working with Kathy, they see increases in their bottom line  – and you can do the same! 

Her training programs and digital products show you how to do what works most effectively with your business and your marketing.  You will learn what to do and NOT to do so you save time and attract more leads and clients! 

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