Get More Clients for your Private Practice With 3 Simple Marketing Tweaks.

(That you can do in under 5 minutes!)

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I get that… you’ve probably been burned by other FAD marketing plans that saw you do a ton of work to market your private practice with little or nothing to show for all the time and energy you invested in it. So… here’s what you need to know about me and how I work...

FIRST OFF... I will always give you straightforward, practical advice.

No hidden tricks but easy to understand marketing strategies and advice that has worked for hundreds of practitioners. 

SECOND... The advice comes from 14+ years of marketing experience.

I’ve worked one on one with 294 practice owners since 2008, as their marketing specialist.  Add in another 475+ practitioners who have taken one or more of my online courses, bootcamps or patrticipated in my membership program and double that to add in other service-based business owners I've worked with …

The Thrive Marketing Method is not a system based on what worked for me... but what has worked for thousands of business owners.

LASTLY... The Thrive Marketing Method I've developed, works. 

The way I teach marketing and help my clients learn to optimize and get their marketing working - it gets results and it’s been proven to work because it has helped my clients grow and scale their practices, to fill their booking calendars and programs … to help them make 5, 6 and even 7 figure businesses that last long term.

Thia method of marketing a private practice is not based on a FAD marketing plan to get instant followers and clients overnight.   

It is based on years of experience helping hundreds of practice and business owners thrive and learning how they can do their marketing in a way that takes less time, gets more clients and helps them build the financial freedom they were seeking when they started in business.

Why is it different? Because we focus on the 4 pillars needed to market a private practice successfully and with balance in your life.  We don't just jump in and decide on a niche, create a program and get you on Instagram to sell, sell, sell. 

(That is a hard way to do your marketing if you ask me.) 

The Thrive Marketing Method is based on connecting the 4 pillars of marketing. This helps you bring the joy back to your business with simple marketing plans that actually get you clients, so you can spend your time doing more of what you love.

So... are you ready to learn what that client did to get 5 people reaching out to book a consult in one day? Great, all you need to do is ...

Enter your name and email in the form below and take just 12 minutes and watch this training. It walks you through the tweaks she did - sharing my screen to show you the exact steps - so you know exactly how to do the same..

Let me introduce myself too...  I'm Kathy Colaiacovo, a Marketing Strategist and Coach for Private Practice Owners and I help you  spend less time marketing, attract more clients and build the financial freedom you are seeking with your business.

I'vee worked with hundreds of dietitians and private practice owners in my 14 years in business!

Every day, I teach my students and clients ways to build their practices with the Freedom & Security they have been seeking so they don't have to go back and find a J-O-B.  They stop spending hours a day trying to find clients online by having a simple marketing plan that actually gets more clients and takes less time to do. (Hint: It is NOT about the latest social media fad, nor spending all your time on Instagram! )

Stop Struggling and Build a Thriving Practice. It is possible! Check out a couple of easy ways to start changing your marketing results with this free mini-training. 

Okay Kathy, I'm ready for that mini-training!

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